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[TOMT] [Game] PC Casino/Slot game with some kind of reptile character leaning on the machine.

A very weird title, but this has been bugging me for years. All I remember was that it was a late 90s/early 2000s PC casino game and there was a reptile (lizard/alligatocrocodile) character that kept looking at you and talking to you as you played. I'm really hoping I didn't just dream this one up.
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[PC] [1996-2004] Casino game with slots and horse racing with funny names

A windows 95ish game that had at least a slot machine simulator with a few different kinds of slots. It also had horse betting where horses on sticks would “run” around on a track. The horses had funny names like “Gitty-Up Green”.
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[PC][Early 2000's] Casino/Slots game with fun minigame

Platform(s): PC (cd)
Genre: Gambling
Estimated year of release: 2002? Could be earlier
Art Style: Isometric I believe
Notable Characters: In the poker tournament mode, there was an older lady who always said: "Too rich for my blood..." when she folded.
Notable Mechanics: Getting certain combinations in slots brought you to different mini games depending on the theme of the machine. Also, there was a room with a safe that you had to complete different challenges to open.
There were a couple different iterations of this game. One was all slots, and the other had other casino games like black-jack, poker, and roulette
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[PC][~2005] A Las Vegas Casino game with multiple themed slot machines and a vault you can unlock with keys

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Casino
Estimated year of release: Maybe around 2005
Graphics/art style: The slots screens were in a style somewhat similar to these:
Notable gameplay mechanics: I used to watch my father play this game. There were a huge collection of slot machines in a casino, and you could click on any of the machines to play the slots. Every slot was themed. For instance, there was a pizza-themed one and a science-themed one, and I think there was also a Wild West themed one. There were also mini games included in some (or maybe all?) of the themed slots. I remember that for the pizza-themed slots, you can get to a pizza-making minigame where you decorated a pizza with toppings to earn more points. For the science/chemistry-themed one, you can reach a minigame where you had to mix different coloured chemicals in test tubes together, and if you cause an explosion, you earn more points. In the explosion scene, it switches to the scene of a house and shows it exploding.
You can also earn keys that unlock a vault at the back, opening up a second area with (I think) more slot machines. I think there might have been a trophy room, but I can't remember for sure.
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Casino/Slots/Bingo game for PC without IAP. Grandma is spending way too much on garbage flash games. :/

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[TOMT][PC Game]Casino game with slots and bartender

An older pc game with slot machines and a bartender where you type what you want to order at the bar. There are atm machines where you can sell assets such as your house in order to have money to spend on slots. Plays in a point and click way between slot machines........
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[TOMT][cd rom/pc] old (late 90s/early 00s) casino game for the pc that had slot machines?

so i vaguely remember this game from my childhood and am having a hard time finding it. it had a green front covecase, it was a casino game (or set, possibly) that included 3 discs. i remember one specific slot was a carnival type slot machine. there was even a room where you could order drinks (i got chocolate milk of course, because i was like 7 lol). i don't remember what brand it was from specifically but any help would be appreciated!
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10 More Overlooked Single Player Indie Games

Here’s a link to the first post with 10 other overlooked indie games.
We're all familiar with the Hotline Miami's, Hollow Knight's, and Celeste's of the world. These are some of the indie games that hit the big time. Of course, for every one of these games, there's 100 other indie games that have been glossed over, relegated to a spot in a digital store few people will ever find themselves in. I wanted to bring attention to some of these lesser known indie games. I'm going to order them according to Metacritic Critic Ratings. Some of the games at the bottom have pretty low critic ratings. I personally disagree with the low scores of these games, but it's only fair that you hear from more than just me.
Price will include a link to the U.S. store page of the game. Price is in U.S. dollars.
1. Inertial Drift
2. Pumpkin Jack
3. Pato Box
4. Ultra Hat Dimension
5. Penarium
6. SINNER: Sacrifice for Redemption
7. Tamashii
8. Daggerhood
9. The Bunker
10. Cybarian: The Time-Traveling Warrior
Have you played any of these games? What are some other overlooked single player indie games?
If you’re looking for more indie games to play, see my post here:
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20 Overlooked Single Player Indie Games

We're all familiar with the Hotline Miami's, Hollow Knight's, and Celeste's of the world. These are some of the indie games that hit the big time. Of course, for every one of these games, there's 100 other indie games that have been glossed over, relegated to a spot in a digital store few people will ever find themselves in. I wanted to bring attention to some of these lesser known indie games.
I'm going to order them according to Metacritic Critic Ratings. Some of the games at the bottom have pretty low critic ratings. I personally disagree with the low scores of these games, but it's only fair that you hear from more than just me. Keep in mind that games with only one or two User Ratings on Metacritic will not show the score. A game needs at least three User Ratings on Metacritic before the score will be shown. This is not the case for Critic Reviews.
Price will contain the U.S. PlayStation Store link to the game.
1. Hayfever
2. Valfaris
3. Four Sided Fantasy
4. Bleep Bloop
5. Horizon Shift ‘81
6. Daggerhood
7. Momodora: Reverie Under the Moonlight
8. Ultra Hat Dimension
9. Remothered: Tormented Fathers
10. Reverie
11. Inertial Drift
12. Cursed Castilla (Maldita Castilla EX)
13. Pato Box
14. The Count Lucanor
15. The Bunker
16. A Tale of Paper
17. Late Shift
18. SINNER: Sacrifice for Redemption
19. Verlet Swing
20. Neon Drive
My top 5 on the list in order would be the following: (1.) Hayfever, (2.) Valfaris, (3.) Cursed Castilla: (Maldita Castilla EX), (4.) Momodora: Reverie Under the Moonlight, and (5.) Bleep Bloop.
Have you played any of these games? What are some other overlooked single player indie games?
If you’re looking for more indie games to play, see my post here:
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Another 10 Overlooked Single Player Indie Games

There are also some links within the first link that discuss indie local multiplayer games as well.
We're all familiar with the Hotline Miami's, Hollow Knight's, and Celeste's of the world. These are some of the indie games that hit the big time. Of course, for every one of these games, there's 100 other indie games that have been glossed over, relegated to a spot in a digital store few people will ever find themselves in. I wanted to bring attention to some of these lesser known indie games once again.
Details About the List
I'm going to order them according to Metacritic Critic Ratings. Steam is the only one on the list with all 10 games featured (Steam has 10 of them, Switch has 9 of them, PlayStation 4 has 7 of them, and Xbox One has 5 of them), but the Switch gets more reviews than the other platforms, so I will it use the Switch version of all the games for their review scores, except #8, where I will use the Steam version, since that’s the only version of it available. The two bottom games have pretty low critic ratings (60% with 1 Critic Review and 53% with 2 Critic Reviews). I personally disagree with the low scores of these two games, but it's only fair that you hear from more than just me. Keep in mind that games with only one or two User Ratings on Metacritic will not show the score. A game needs at least three User Ratings on Metacritic before the score will be shown. This is not the case for Critic Reviews.
Currently 9 of the games are on sale on Steam right now, and 5 of them are on sale on Switch. None of them are on sale on the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One at the moment.
For the purpose of this post, I’m just going to stick with saying “achievements” and “getting all achievements” instead of “trophies” and “platinum trophy” since Steam has all 10 games on the list. You can basically substitute these with “trophies” and “platinum trophy” if you’re a PlayStation gamer. I will make mention of the two games on here that don’t include a platinum trophy however.
Platforms will include a link to the U.S. store page of the game for each platform. Price is in U.S. dollars.
1. Ultra Hat Dimension
2. Bot Vice
3. Valfaris
4. Inertial Drift
5. Golf Peaks
6. Horizon Shift ‘81
7. Pato Box
8. Primal Light
9. Tamashii
10. Neon Drive
Special shoutout to Valfaris which is my favorite game on the list and, again, one my favorite 2D run & guns ever.
Have you played any of these games? What are some other overlooked single player indie games?
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The gaming industry will probably kill itself with it's ridiculous $70 price point.

Personally, I'm a gamer. I adore video games and I love getting on a game a tearing up the world I'm in.
Yet AAA gaming has been underwhelming to say the least. The games are often unfinished at launch, micro transactions to an excess, and let's not forget the gambling that more often than not gets to a younger more vulnerable audience.
This really bugs me that companies are really raising their price to $70. Look at Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War. That game is buggy and unfinished. You got like 8 maps to play on for PVP and of course they got that COD battle pass that's probably $50.
NBA 2K21 has slot machines. It's basically a basketball casino WITH THOSE UNSKIPPABLE ADS.
One of the reasons why I had to jump from Playstation to Xbox for these next gen consoles is for that game pass. Why pay $70 a game when with Xbox game pass you can get games for like $10 a month.
Yes I know that other groups are raising the price to $70. It's still fucking inexcusable. These days I reckon that more game development budget is going to outrageous CEO's bonuses and marketing. I mean come hundreds of people every year are being laid off despite the gargantuan profits these companies are making.
You don't have to raise the rate to $70 a game. Look I can afford the price point, but that's irrelevant it's the principle of things. You got these companies dodging taxes, having minors gamble on these games and they're making more money off the micro transactions any damn way.
If you want to continue gaming as a hobby. My advice would be to go on the Xbox or better yet go on PC. Steam and Epic stores will give you so much better deals and better customer service for that matter.
We the consumer base deserve better than this. Have a great day.
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Los Santos Summer Special FAQ, Links and Discounts!

Rockstar has released their brand new Summer Special DLC including a ton of brand-new vehicles, missions and clothing items available for purchase.
Some previous links to get you sped up on the DLC:
This thread will become a host for all the further official announcements by Rockstar, reputable datamines and user-made content by our very own members such as R* Editor clips, screenshots, guides and the like! FAQ will be included here as well. So if you're busy at work and can't play yet anyway, give these links a look!

General Information

As of about 10AM UTC the update is out now on consoles - it seems to be about 2GBs in size. Will update soon! Edit: Now available on all platforms from what I can tell.
Feature Updates & Improvements

New Content and Discounts

New Content:
Legendary Motorsports:
Southern San Andreas Super Autos:
Benny's Original Motorworks:
Kudos to klegnut for the upgrade costs.
Thank you to Cpt_Foresight and Azarenas for the new clothing info!
Podium Vehicle:
Double GTA$ and RP Activities:
Discounted Content:
Time Trial:
RC Bandito Time Trial:
Thanks to Biomixels for the time trials.
Premium Race:
Twitch Prime Bonuses:



When will the DLC drop?
Soon. Rockstar usually pushes updates around 3:30AM EST or 9:30AM UTC. Check this helpful map showing all the timezones.
Does the DLC cost money, how can I get the DLC?
The DLC will be made automatically available through whatever launchestore you have the game on. Those using the Rockstar Launcher can expect to see their games updated first, so be ready for that.
What can we expect?
Judging by Rockstar's announcements and timelines, this DLC won't be massive. They've confirmed new business battles and yacht missions, probably comparable to the previous client jobs we've gotten with the Terrorbyte.
Additionally they've teased some cars, of which we've gotten images of a new supercar, a musclecar and an F-1 car. Some new race modes have been mentioned as well. It's safe to assume that the content will be dripfed in stages, especially the more interesting items might be left for later.
Have the Acura NSX and new Toyota Supra been added?
Some images of the Toyota Supra and Acura NSX being converted at Benny's have been floating around - these are fake and have been put into circulation by a clickbaity asshole who shall not be named.
Are weekly updates on Tuesdays starting now?
Probably not. Rockstar always goes a little off their usual schedule with DLC drops and this is probably the same thing. It's hard to say if the sales will already change this Thursday, but I'd recommend y'all reek the benefits of the sales before you regret it.
What's going to be on sale next? / When will the next sale be up? / What's going to be in the next DLC?
If any Rockstar employees are on this sub, we'll let you know.

User Submitted Content

We're also hosting a Summer Special DLC Discussion Megathread which will be unlocked once the DLC has dropped to keep discussions related to the release of the DLC and first wave of content in one place. Have fun playing everyone!
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List Of Working Glitches! [Mod Post]

This is the Working Glitches Thread! This is always being improved, and if you have any recommendations please let me know in the comments or send me a direct message. If you know a glitch is working on any other platform I haven't included or doesn't work anymore, also let us know. If a platform is in italics, it means it is unsure. Strikethrough means it is patched, and no longer works.
Money & RP Glitches:
Facility Heist Glitch - PS4, Xbox, PC - Solo 3 Card Poker Glitch - PS4, Xbox - Solo Gold Glitch 2.0 - PS4, Xbox, PC - Non-Solo
Slight RP Glitch - PS4, Xbox, PC - Solo AFK Money Job - PS4 - Non-Solo Re-supplying MC/Bunker Glitch - PS4, Xbox, PC - Solo
Replay Heist Glitch - All Platforms - Non-Solo (Not) A Great Money Glitch - PS4, Xbox, PC - Solo Casino Replay Glitch - PS4 - Non-Solo
Daily Vault Glitch - PS4, Xbox, PC - Solo Double Money When Robbing Stores - PS4, Xbox - Solo Change Casino Vault Target Glitch - PS4, Xbox, PC - Solo
Duffel Bag Glitch - PS4, Xbox, PC - Non-Solo 3 In 1 - RP and Money Glitch - PS4, Xbox, PC - Non-Solo Bogdan Easier Way - PS4, Xbox, PC - Non-Solo
Same Vault Contents As Last Heist - PS4, Xbox, PC - Solo Floating RP Glitch - PS4, Xbox, PC - Solo Stop The Bunker Sale Countdown - PS4, Xbox - Solo
Sell Any Arena War Vehicle For 3.8m - PS4, Xbox - Solo 100k from AW Discount - PS4, Xbox , PC - Solo Insurgent Duplication Glitch - PS4, Xbox, PC - Solo
Cerberus Arena Money Glitch - PS4, Xbox - Solo MOC + CEO Office Dupe Glitch - PS4, Xbox, PC - Solo Cerberus Money Glitch - PC - Solo
4m With The Apartment Money Glitch - PS4, Xbox, PC - Solo 5.15m From The Apartment Money Glitch - PS4, Xbox, PC - Solo RP Glitch - PS4, Xbox, PC - Solo
Arena War Race RP Glitch - PS4, Xbox, PC - Non-Solo

Player Based Glitches:
Clothing Transfer Glitch - PS4, Xbox, PC - Solo TP Glitch - PS4, Xbox - Solo TP During VIP Work Glitch - PS4, Xbox, PC - Solo
Duffel Bag Glitch - PS4, Xbox, PC - Solo Any Outfit From Doomsday Heist Glitch - PS4, Xbox - Non-Solo Illuminated Flashing T-Shirt Glitch - PS4, Xbox - Semi-Solo
Coloured Duffel Bag Glitch - PS4, Xbox, PC - Solo Paramedic + Noose Outfit Glitch - PS4 - Non-Solo Topless Character Glitch - PS4, Xbox, PC - Solo
Free Appearance Change - PS4, Xbox - Solo Invisible Arms Glitch - PS4, Xbox, PC - Solo T-Shirt Over Bodysuit Glitch - PS4, Xbox, PC - Solo
RP Glitch - PS4, Xbox - Solo Make It Rain Action Without Losing Money - PS4, Xbox, PC - Solo Up'n Atomizer In Any Car Glitch - PS4, Xbox, PC - Non-Solo
Outfits And Duffel Bag Guide - PS4, Xbox, PC Thermal Vision In Any Vehicle Glitch - PS4, Xbox, PC - Solo Stab City Survival Glitch - PS4, Xbox, PC - Solo
Stand Up While Driving - PS4, Xbox, PC - Solo Alien Outfit Without The Mask - PS4, Xbox, PC - Solo Duffel Bag Glitch - PS4, Xbox, PC - Solo
Floating Glitch - PS4, Xbox - Solo Topless Character Glitch - PS4, Xbox - Solo Yellow Rebreather Glitch - PS4, Xbox, PC - Non-Solo
Inside Of FIB Building Glitch - PS4, Xbox, PC - Solo Low Poly Graphics Glitch - PS4, Xbox, PC - Solo Off The Radar Glitch - PS4, Xbox - Solo
Save SecuroServ Outfits Glitch - PS4, Xbox - Non-Solo Free Appearance Glitch - PS4, Xbox, PC - Solo Outfit Glitches - PS4, Xbox - Non-Solo
Weapons In Casino Heist Glitch - PS4, Xbox, PC - Solo Any Color Helmet Glitch - PS4, Xbox, PC - Solo Frozen Action Glitch - PS4, Xbox, PC - Solo
Powerful Sawed Off Shotgun Glitch - PS4, Xbox - Solo Can't Fall Off Bike Glitch - PS4, Xbox, PC - Non-Solo Yellow Rebreather Glitch - PS4, Xbox - Solo
"IKEA" Duffel Bag Glitch - PS4, Xbox - Solo Transfer Duffle Bag - PS4, Xbox, PC - Solo Topless Glitch - PS4, Xbox, PC - Solo
Easy Duffel Bag Glitch - PS4 - Solo CEO Outfits in Casino Heist - PS4, Xbox, PC - Solo Easy Wall Breach Glitch - PS4, Xbox, PC - Solo
Duffel Bag Glitch - PS4, Xbox, PC - Solo Cop Outfit Glitch - PS4, Xbox, PC - Non-Solo

Out Of Map Glitch - All platforms. - Solo LS Water to Gruppe Sechs Glitch - PS4, Xbox, PC - Solo Inside The FIB Building Glitch - PS4, Xbox, PC - Solo
KERS On The PR4 Glitch - PS4, Xbox, PC - Non-Solo Hydra Speed Glitch - PS4, Xbox, PC - Solo Same Approach Glitch - PS4, Xbox, PC - Solo
Wall Breach Glitch - PS4, Xbox, PC - Solo Tank Launch Glitch - PS4, Xbox, PC - Non-Solo Guns In Casino - PS4, Xbox, PC - Solo
Wallbreach Glitch - PS4, Xbox, PC - Solo Opp MK II Unlimited Smoke Glitch - PS4, Xbox, PC - Solo TP To Aircraft - PS4, Xbox, PC - Solo
Tuning From RC to Car Glitch - PS4, Xbox - Solo Trailer Dupe Glitch - PS4, Xbox, PC - Non-Solo Name Any Vehicle Glitch - PS4, Xbox, PC - Solo
Weapons During Casino Heist - PS4, Xbox, PC - Solo Matte With Pearlescent Glitch - PS4, Xbox, PC - Solo - {Deleted} Own Guns During Motor Wars - PS4. Xbox, PC - Solo
Skip Heist Setups Glitch - PS4, Xbox - Solo Corrupted Save Glitch - PS4, Xbox, PC - Solo Fun Launch Glitch - PS4, Xbox, PC - Non-Solo
Teleport Glitch - PS4, Xbox - Solo Casino Heist Free Optional Preps Glitch - PS4, Xbox, PC - Solo Dead Body BMX Glitch - PS4, Xbox, PC - Solo Very Useful :)
Guide To Becoming A Dupe God Out of Map Glitch - PS4, Xbox, PC - Solo Matte Pearlescent Glitch For Planes - PS4, Xbox, PC - Solo
Revolver Spam Glitch - PS4, Xbox - Solo Atomizer In Turreted Vehicle Glitch - PS4, Xbox, PC - Solo Atomizer In Jobs Glitch - PS4, Xbox, PC - Solo
Atomizer In Jobs Glitch - PS4, Xbox, PC - Solo Solo Cargo Sale - PC, PS4, Xbox - Solo 3 Person Merge Glitch - PS4, Xbox, PC - Non-Solo
Get Noose Outfit As Exit Disguise - PS4, Xbox, PC - Non-Solo Vigilante Teleportation Glitch - PS4, Xbox, PC - Solo Store Terrorbyte In Any Garage - PS4, Xbox - Non-Solo
Solo Public Session With AHK - PC - Solo All Vault Layout Plan - PS4, Xbox, PC - Non-Solo Friendly Headhunter Glitch - PS4, Xbox, PC - Solo
Car To Car Merge Glitch - PS4 - Solo Re-Roll Vault Content - PS4, Xbox No Kick Glitch - PS4, Xbox, PC - Solo
Store BMX In Car Slot - PS4, Xbox, PC - Solo Flame Shooting Op Mk 2 - PS4, Xbox, PC - Solo Lucky Wheel Glitch - PC - Solo
Picard Manoeuvre - PS4, Xbox, PC - Solo Kinda Bypass Sell Limit - PS4, Xbox, PC - Solo Free Special Weapons - PS4 - Non-Solo
Bunker Research Glitch - PS4, Xbox, PC - Solo Frozen Bunker Timer Glitch - PS4, Xbox - Solo Solo God Mode Arena Glitch - PS4, Xbox, PC - Solo
GCTF Glitch - PS4, Xbox - Non-Solo
Some Helpful Tips About This Subreddit:
• Please read the rules before you post.
• Please stay civilised, and do not be rude towards others.
• Please do not comment stupid things such as “I didn’t use this glitch”. Seriously, what’s the point?
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Have a Question about a Glitch?:
Ask the poster of the glitch inside the post, rather than this main page. People there created it, found it, or at the very least have been using it recently, and are far more likely to give you the correct answer.
Have a Glitch That Isn't Linked Here?:
Make/Link a post and send me a PM and I will put the post here. (We appreciate your contribution!)
| Need any help? Message the mod team. |
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[Vampire the Masquerade 5th] The Slap that changed everything [medium-long story]

I've been DMing a Vtm 5th Edition group for a few months through Discord and Roll20, since lockdown and distance don't help and I've always wanted to play VTM with some friends who were not into RPGs, but they were always curious about it so we went with it on Roll20.
I'll spare you the details of the group, the players, etc. The setting I've chosen is Las Vegas in a semi-Camarilla environment, events happen after a big power vacuum with the disappearance of the old vampires and all the Prince's court (prince included), but still compliant with the Camarilla's Traditions. The group is composed by 3 new players and 1 veteran player:
Lasombra: the veteran player and particularly strict about the rulebook, a mysterious character, Lasombra are recently introduced in the Camarilla, even though some Lasombras (rare) were already affiliated to Camarilla or its domains. Inclined to use others for his goals.
Brujah: ex fighter and wrestler, ex convict, hot headed due to the temper and the abuse of steroids and drugs in mortal life. He's like super dumb, 1 of Intellect, the max is 5.
Nosferatu: the hacker and infiltrator, paranoid, difficult past both in life and undead life. He always tries to not get involved in messy stuff and events caused by the others, always tries to know more about his teammates "just in case".
Gangrel: Native-American, warrior of his tribe and underground mob, not the most clever guy in the room but cool headed when needed, he's a soldier.
Last session a fifth player decided to join as a Ventrue, with a skillset and game style that lacked in the group, since he's also a friend of the others no one complained and I do not have any issue in having a big group of players when everyone is on board with the idea. The session started with the group, separated, decided to meet in front of a Casino and go to an exclusive club inside in order to proceed with the plot. The 2 groups knew where the club was, they had the invites to go in, everything was in order to proceed. Gangrel player was absent, so he didn't join the group. The main group didn't know Ventrue was going to join them there, but Ventrue knew about them and decided to stay put and observe the situation near the entrance of the club and check if they were gonna arrive.
Main group arrived at the entrance, Nosferatu was the only one who knew were the entrance and told the group about it, but Brujah decided to ask about it to every person he saw with the following line:2
"Hey, where is the Club XXX, moron?"
First attempt: a old german couple, they dismissed him. Second attempt: a group of 4-5 young lads, some of them more built than others.
"Hey, where is the Club XXX, moron?"
The lads shoo him away like "yo old man we ain't staff go ask them, go take a pill ya old dog, leave us alone" Brujah, hot tempered dumbass steroid junkie as he is, grunted something and then this happened
Brujah "I slap him." Me "ehm.. slap him? You sure?" Brujah "yeah I want to slap him" Me "ok, roll Strength+Brawl to hit"
It's not the first time Brujah (or the player behind Brujah since he did the same things with the previous character,) act against random people by wrecking havoc, collateral damages or situations where the other players have to rescue/fix everything he does, usually he kinda becomes a secondary villain, which is ok by me (don't really care, he will pay the consequences of his actions by either NPCs or the other PCs) but it's kinda like a shenanigan that "here we go, he will surely make a mess and grief everyone, the question is 'how' ".
He rolls: 5 successes with a 10 on the Hunger Dice. I roll: 2 successes. Since he had a 10 on the Hunger Dice, this translate in the success of the action, but the Vampire fails to contain his supernatural power or "foresight" the consequences and usually the result is something exaggerated. I described it as "you want to slap him, but what happens is you cannot contain your strength and you basically hit him with your open hand and smash his head inside a slot machine, you hear the Jackpot jingle and coins start to pour out of the machine. The Guy seems out cold with his head inside the slot machine and his body trempling.. but the guy's friends are pissed and start to push and shout at you, the situation is escalating, one of them tries to kick you" Brujah starts to defend himself, but then Lasombra player intervened
"Ok, I can solve the situation again with my Disciplines, I can again fix his messes again, but it seems the player behind Brujah wants to troll and grief everyone, so I'll take my leave. Have fun, sayonara"
He left.
The session ended after 1 hour, where the first half was a discussion about how imparing a blood bond should be (Lasombra blood bonded the Brujah) because the manual is kinda vague about it, the other half was about this... then a discussion happened about how the game should be perceived, what everyone is expecting, etc. There also was some blame game from Brujah about the following: 1. to the DM (me): you always make me roll for stuff, it's your decision to randomize the outcome (yeah, slapping someone without a roll would have the same outcome: try to slap someone in the face in front of his friends!) 2. to Lasombra: why didn't he dominate me? (he got blood bonded 1 time only and complained for 2 weeks straight about it, imagine what would happen to spam-Dominate him) 3. to the game: this game is idiotic because it's idiotic (ok..?) 4. to the players: he started to play to be chill, people should not get pissed off at his shenanigans (after 4 months of trolling and griefing and laughing about it, I honestly think that someone may get pissed because it seems intentional, but I get his point about it)
4 months we've been playing, 4 months there are ingame situations like the one described above. What do you guys think? I may have other crazier stories about this group...
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My first day on pc was..... interesting

Buy the premium edition of the game for 15$ on the epic games store. Load up online and love the clear graphics. Head over to the casino and somehow won $500,000 in a slot machine.
Eventually i claim one of my free cars and then i eventually lost connection. Load into new server and theres about 50 blown up cars in my apartment now. Leave the lobby.
Later on whilst doing the 50 headshot challenge for the double action revolver a kind man on a go kart wearing a monkey mask drops me about 400k and says "merry xmas" in chat.
So what takes me about 1 week of progress of xbox solo work i gained 1 day on pc.
God only knows what the future holds😂
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Full list of upcoming games on the Nintendo Switch (US) (Updated 11/7/2020)

Console exclusives (games that are also on PC and/or mobile, but not on other consoles) in Italics. Nintendo exclusives (games that are only on Nintendo platforms) in bold.
For those looking at this list and not sure what's likely to be noteworthy, I have compiled a page for noteworthy releases in November. Please give them a look if you want to see what games are likely to be some of October's highlights!
As for the full list of upcoming games, here you go:
Games Release date Date confirmed by?
Five Dates 11/17/20
Mars Horizon 11/17/20
Professor Rubik's Brain Fitness 11/17/20 Official Website
Pure Pool 11/17/20
Serious Sam Collection 11/17/20
Sniper Elite 4 11/17/20
Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? 11/17/20
Nexoria: Dungeon Rogue Heroes 11/18/20
Art Sqool 11/19/20
Azurebreak Heroes 11/19/20
Brawl Chess 11/19/20
Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead 11/19/20
Cake Bash 11/19/20
Cape's Escape Game 11/19/20
Dreamo 11/19/20
Educational Games For Kids 11/19/20
Eldrador Creatures 11/19/20
Grisaia Phantom Trigger 05 11/19/20
Karma Knight 11/19/20
Outbreak 11/19/20
Party Games: 15 in 1 11/19/20
Star Renegades 11/19/20 Official Twitter Post
The Casino -Roulette, Video Poker, Slot Machines, Craps, Baccarat- 11/19/20
Captain Sabretooth and the Magic Diamond 11/20/20
Fall Gummies 11/20/20
Fantasy Friends 11/20/20
Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity 11/20/20
Micetopia 11/20/20
Ramp Car Jumping 11/20/20
S.N.I.P.E.R. - Hunter Scope 11/20/20
2urvive 11/24/20
Monster Truck Championship 11/24/20
Tracks - Toybox Edition 11/24/20
My Aunt is a Witch 11/25/20
Out of Space: Couch Edition 11/25/20
Maid of Sker 11/26/20
QV 11/26/20
The Explorer of Night 11/26/20
BFF or Die 11/27/20
Girabox 11/27/20
More Dark 11/27/20
Tiny World Racing 11/27/20
Death Crown November 2020 Official Trailer
Ruggero Deodato's Cannibal November 2020 Official Website
Chronos: Before the Ashes 12/1/20 Official Twitter Post
Empire of Sin 12/1/20
Sam & Max Save the World 12/1/20
Shiren the Wanderer: The Tower of Fortune and the Dice of Fate 12/2/20
Cybxus Hearts 12/3/20
Death Tales 12/3/20
Gunpig: Firepower For Hire 12/3/20
Immortals Fenyx Rising 12/3/20
Morbid: The Seven Acolytes 12/3/20
Pretty Princess Party 12/3/20
Quiplash 2 InterLASHional: The Say Anything Party Game! 12/3/20
Taiko No Tatsujin: Rhythmic Adventure Pack 12/3/20 Official Trailer
Commandos 2 HD Remaster 12/4/20
Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon & The Blade of Light 12/4/20
Fitness Boxing 2: Rhythm & Exercise 12/4/20
Futoshiki Math 12/4/20
John Wick Hex 12/4/20
Nine Witches: Family Disruption 12/4/20
Steampunk Tower 2 12/4/20
Super Space Serpent Secondary Edition 12/4/20
Drawn to Life Two Realms 12/7/20 Official Trailer
Lofi Ping Pong 12/8/20
Monster Sanctuary 12/8/20
Puyo Puyo Tetris 2 12/8/20
Accidental Queens Collection 12/10/20
Alt-Frequencies 12/10/20
Collection of SaGa Final Fantasy Legend 12/15/20
Evolution Board Game 12/10/20
OctaFight 12/10/20
Override 2: Super Mech League December 2020 Official Trailer
Cyanide and Happiness: Freakpocalypse: Part 1 (Timed Console Exclusive) Fall 2020
Cyber Shadow Fall 2020 Official Website
Eldest Souls (Timed Console Exclusive) Fall 2020
Grindstone Fall 2020
PixelJunk Eden 2 Fall 2020
Skyforge Fall 2020 Official Trailer
Harvest Moon: One World Autumn 2020 (European Release Date)
Toy Soldiers HD Autumn 2020 Official Website
Wingspan Autumn 2020
Alchemic Cutie Q4 2020 Official Website
Alter Cosmos Q4 2020 Official Website
Circadian City Q4 2020 Announce Trailer
Counter Terrorist Agency Q4 2020 Official Website
Defense Corp Q4 2020 Developer Comment on Reddit
Ever Forward Q4 2020 Official Website
Metal Revolution Q4 2020 Official Announcement on New Game+ Expo Live Stream (via Gematsu)
Train Mechanic Simulator Q4 2020 Official Website
Golden Force Last Quarter 2020 Official Trailer
Clive 'N' Wrench Winter 2020 Official Trailer
B.Ark (Timed Exclusive) Late 2020
Beach Buggy Racing 2 Late 2020 Official Website
Dicey Dungeons Late 2020
Hoa Late 2020 Wholesome Direct 5-26-2020
Phogs! Late 2020
Quantum League Late 2020
Signs of the Sojourner Late 2020 Official Trailer
World of Horror Late 2020 Official Twitter Post
Dangerous Driving 2 Holiday 2020 Official Website
King of Seas Holiday 2020 Official Trailer
Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World: The Game Complete Edition Holiday 2020 Official Twitter Post
Speed 3 Grand Prix Holiday 2020 Official Trailer
Aground 2020 Official Website
Astrodogs 2020 Developer post on Reddit
Black Book 2020 Official Trailer
Bladed Fury 2020 Official Twitter Post
Boyfriend Dungeon 2020
Breakpoint 2020 Official Twitter Post
Car Mechanic Flipper 2020 Official Website
Circuit Superstars 2020 Official Website
Collapsus 2020 Official Website
Conarium 2020 Official Trailer
Cthulhu: Books of Ancients 2020 Official Website
DARQ: Complete Edition 2020 Official Trailer
Devil's Hunt 2020 Official Twitter Post
Door Kickers 2020 QubicGames 2020 Direct
Eastward 2020
Electrix 2020 Official Website
Farm & Fix 2020 2020 Official Website
Farm Manager 2018 2020 Official Website
Flipper Mechanic 2020 Official Website
Gearshifters 2020 Official Website
God Fire 2020 QubicGames 2020 Direct
Good Night Knight 2020 QubicGames 2020 Direct
Greak: Memories of Azur 2020 Official Trailer
Hatch Tales (Formerly Chicken Wiggle Workshop) 2020 Official Website
Haven 2020
Hazel Sky 2020 Official Trailer
Heaven's Vault 2020 Official Twitter Post
Hellpoint 2020 Official Twitter Post
Hero: Flood Rescue 2020 Official Website
Hindsight 20/20 2020 Announce Trailer
Kingpin: Reloaded 2020 Official Trailer
Littlewood 2020 Official Twitter Page
Lords of Exile 2020 Official Website/Official Trailer
Mail Mole 2020 Official Trailer
Maneater 2020 Official Twitter Post
Moon Village 2020 Official Website
Mushrooms: Forest Walker 2020 Official Website
N1RV Ann-A 2020 Announce Trailer
Necrobarista 2020 Official Twitter Page
Nyx: The Awakening 2020 Official Reveal Teaser/Official Website
Olija 2020 Official Twitter Post
Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 - The Official Videogame 2020 Official Website
P.U.G.S. Agents 2020 Official Website
Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire 2020 Interview With Developer
Plastic Rebellion 2020 Official Website
Poker Club 4K 2020 Official Trailer
Real Boxing 2 2020 QubicGames 2020 Direct
Sail Forth 2020
Samurai Gunn 2 2020
Spin Rhythm XD 2020 Announce Trailer
The Good Life 2020
This Is Pool 2020 Official Website
This Is Snooker 2020 Official Website
Those Who Remain 2020 Official Twitter Page
Tohu 2020 Official Trailer
Trigger Witch 2020 Kinda Funny Games E3 Showcase
Unheard 2020 Official Twitter Post
Unlucky Seven 2020 Official Website
Unto the End 2020 Official Trailer
Zengeon 2020 Official Trailer
Purrtato Tail: By the Light of the Elderstar 2020 "or when it's done" Official Fact Sheet
House Designer 2020/2021 Official Website
Ring of Life: Survive in Proxima 2020/2021 Official Website
Hitori Logic 1/1/21
Iris.Fall 1/7/21
Life of Fly 1/21/21
Gal*Gun Returns 1/28/21 Official Trailer
Märchen Forest 1/28/21 Official Press Release (via
Atelier Ryza 2: Lost Legends & The Secret Fairy 1/29/21 Official Twitter Post (Koei Tecmo Europe)
Re:Zero – The Prophecy of the Throne 1/29/21 Official Trailer
Little Nightmares II 2/1/21 Official Twitter Post
Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury 2/12/21
Fallen Legion: Revenants 2/16/21 Official Trailer
Wings of Darkness 2/25/21 Official Press Release (via
Wrath: Aeon of Ruin 2/25/21 Official Website
Bravely Default II 2/26/21
Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town 3/23/21
Balan Wonderworld 3/26/21 Official Twitter Post
Monster Hunter Rise 3/26/21
Turrican Anthology Vol. 1 February/March 2021 Official Website
Turrican Anthology Vol. 2 February/March 2021 Official Website
King's Bounty II March 2021 Official Trailer
Sky: Children of the Light "A few months into 2021" Official Website
Blue Fire (Timed Exclusive) Q1 2021
House Secrets: The Beginning Q1 2021 Official Website
Lord Winklebottom Investigates Q1 2021 Official Website
Pet Clinic - Cats & Dogs Q1 2021 Official Website
Root Film Q1 2021 Official Press Release (via
Wonder Boy: Asha in Monster World Q1 2021 Official Gamescom Trailer (via IGN)
Turrican Collector's Edition April/May 2021 Official Website
Georifters 6/24/21
Big Rumble Boxing: Creed Champions Spring 2021
Doctor Who: The Edge of Reality Spring 2021 Official Twitter Post
Doctor Who: The Lonely Assassin Spring 2021 Official Twitter Post
Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga Spring 2021 Official Trailer
R-Type Final 2 Spring 2021 Official Twitter Post
Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne HD Remaster Spring 2021 Nintendo Direct Mini 7-20-20 Partner Showcase
Surviving the Aftermath Spring 2021
Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion Spring 2021 Official Trailer
Foreclosed Q2 2021 Developer Interview
Code: Realize ~Wintertide Miracles~ (Multiple Versions) Early 2021 Official Twitter Post
Cris Tales Early 2021 Official Website
Poison Control Early 2021 Official Trailer
Ruined King: A League of Legends Story Early 2021
Subnautica Early 2021
Subnautica: Below Zero Early 2021
Disgaea 6: Defiance of Destiny (Nintendo Switch Exclusive in US) Summer 2021
Griftlands: Nintendo Switch Edition Summer 2021 Nintendo Direct Mini Partner Showcase October 2020
Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin Summer 2021
Ys IX: Monstrum Nox Summer 2021 Official Trailer
Party Crasher Simulator Second Half of 2021 Official Press Release
The Lord of the Rings: Gollum Late 2021 Gamescom 2020 presentation (via Dailyradar)
Aeon Must Die 2021 Official Trailer
Apex Legends 2021 Official Website
Artifact Hunter 2021 Official Website
Axiom Verge 2 2021 Official Website
Azur Lane: Crosswave Sails the Seas 2021 Official Twitter Post
Backbone 2021 Official Website
Bear and Breakfast (Timed console exclusive) 2021
Card Shark 2021
Digimon Survive 2021 Anime Expo panel (relayed by Twitter Post
Dordogne 2021 Official Trailer
Dual Gear 2021 Official Trailer
Earth Defense Force: World Brothers 2021 Official Trailer (Gamespot Exclusive)
Gamedec 2021 Official Trailer (Gamescom 2020)
Garden Story 2021
Graven 2021 Official Trailer
Lenin - The Lion 2021 Official Trailer
Lost in Random 2021 Official Press Release
Lost Words 2021 Official Twitter Post
Mineko's Night Market 2021
No More Heroes 3 2021 Twitter Post
Phantom Breaker Omnia 2021 Official Trailer (via IGN)
Port Royale 4 2021 Official Twitter Post
Rogue Lords 2021 Official Trailer
Rune Factory 5 2021
Serial Cleaners 2021 Official Trailer
She Dreams Elsewhere 2021
Shin Megami Tensei V 2021 Nintendo Direct Mini 7-20-20 Partner Showcase
Skatebird 2021 Indie World Showcase 12.10.2019/Official Statement on
Starbase Startopia 2021 Official Twitter Post
Saviors of Sapphire Wings/Stranger of Sword City Revisited 2021 Official Trailer
Summer at the Edge of the Universe 2021 Official Twitter Post
The Legend of Bum-bo 2021 Official Twitter Post
Tormented Souls 2021 Official Trailer
Trails of Cold Steel IV 2021 Official Trailer
Vampire: The Masquerade - Swansong 2021 Official Trailer
Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Storm Ground 2021 Official Trailer (via IGN - Gamescom 2020)
Where Cards Fall 2021 Official Trailer
XIII 2021 Official Twitter Post
Narco Tycoon First Half of 2022 Official Press Release (via Gamasutra)
Sea of Stars 2022 Official Trailer/Official Trailer
(Note: TBA Dates and Missed Release Dates in comments)
I miss anything? Mis-marked exclusivity? Have an official source with updated info? Let me know!
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